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ഫയര്‍മാന്‍ ട്രെയിനീ പരീക്ഷക്ക്‌ പങ്കെടുക്കുന്നവര്‍ക്ക് ഒരു പരിശീലനം ……….






1. How many members in Rajya Sabha?

2. First Chief Minister of Kerala?
E.M.Sankaran Namboothiripad

3. Which is not a food crop?
(a)Wheat (b) Barley (c) Maize (d) Cotton

4. Which is the largest river in Kerala?

5. How many members in a cricket team?

6. Communist Manifesto written by?
Karl Marx

7. Which District in Kerala has the largest number of Grama Panchayath?

8. The country which got independence in 1971 August 15?

9. Which country got gold medal in mens football in 2008 Olympics?

10. The first five year plan was started in :

11. The author of the book “Republic”?

12. Who is known as Kerala Gandhi?

13. Who attended all the three round table conference?

14. How many times the sun is bigger than the earth?
109 times

15. The first Indian who got the Nobel Prize for physics?

16. Choose the correct spelt word:
(a)Forti (b) Fourti (c)Fourty (d)Forty
Ans: Forty

17. The largest producer of Milk in the world?

18. The essential vitamin for the functioning of reproduction:
Vitamin E

19. The first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Sukumar Sen

20. Who wrote the famous book “India wins freedom”?
Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad

21. The colour of Ammonium Chloride is :

22. The first general election conducted in Independence India on:

23. How many members in “SAARC”?

24. The blue colour of the sky due to :
Scattering of the light

25. The district in Kerala through which maximum number of the rivers flow?

26. Constitution of India was adopted on :
1950 January 26

27. World Red Cross Day is :
May 8

28. “Medulla Oblongata” is a part of :

29. Metals……………… when they are heated.

30. The first Indian woman athlete to win gold medal in Asiad?
Kamaljith Sandhu

31. World Human Rights Day :
December 10

32. Father of Political Science:

33. The study about cancer is :

34. The members to Rajyasabha in Kerala is :

35. How many languages included in the 8th schedule of our constitution?

36. ‘EEC’ is connected with:

37. The last member of UNO:

38. The name of Prime Minister who nationalize “14” banks in India:
Indira Gandhi

39. International Book Day:
April 23

40. First official census conducted in India on :

41. The sun—– when I got up.
Had risen

42. The article which gives special privileges to Jammu and Kashmir.

43. The National High way which connected Kolkotha to Chennai.?
NH 5

44. “Sardar Sarovar Project’ built in ——– river.

45. Who was the first opposition leader of Kerala legislative assembly?

46. The first summit of “NAM”:

47. First woman chief election commissioner of India:

48. The secretary general of UNO?
Ban Ki Moon

49. The capital city of Madhya Pradesh?

50. Which are the nations signed in the “Panchaseel”?
India and China

51. Everyone cheered the winner, ……..?
Didn’t they?

52. Prices—— during the last two years.
(a)have increased (b)increased (c)would increase (d)increasing

53. He has now recovered from his injury and ——- again.
(a)is able to walk (b)was able to walk (c)had walked (d)had been walking
Ans:(a)Is able to walk

54. We——- a very enjoyable holiday in Ooty last summer.
(a) Have had (b)had (c)were (d) was
Ans: (b) had

55. ———– your breakfast already?
(a) Have you had (b)Had you (c)Do you have (d) Has had
Ans: (a)Have you had

56. I ———— him since he was in the hospital.
(a) have not seen (b) had not seen (c)was seen (d)were seen
Ans: (a) have not seen

57. He ——- at the age of twenty eight, in 1988.
(a) Get married (b)got married (c)have got married (d)gets married
Ans: (a) got married

58. After working with him for some time, I came ———— his efficiency.
(a) to admire (b)admired (c)admiring (d)admires
Ans: (a) to admire

59. ………… will captain the college team ?
(a) Who (b)Which (c)When (d)What
Ans: Who

60. Political leaders should think of the people …………… they are accountable.
(a) to who (b)to whom (c)who (d)which
Ans: (b) to whom

61. Gandhiji used …………….. major part of his time for spinning.
(a) the (b)a (c)an (d)no article
Ans: (a) the

62. He is ……… right man for the job.
(a) a (b)the (c)an (d) no article
Ans: the

63. Fragile means:

64. The antonym of timid is :

65. The antonym of diligent is :

66. Abortive is the synonym of :

67. Fratricide means the murder of one’s …………

68. The first person who ………. the question will be awarded a prize.

69. I hope you succeed ……….. your effort.
(a) in (b) on (c) from (d) with
Ans: (a) in

70. Always be …………
(a) honesty (b) honest (c)honestly (d) to honest
Ans: (b) honest

71. In the following option, the number which is not a perfect square is :
(a) 178929 (b) 436217 (c)61504 (d)46656
Ans: (b)436217

72. Anil can do a work in 12 days. Basheer can do it in 15 days. Chandran can do the same work in 20 days. If they all work together, the number of days need to complete the work is :

73. In a hostel, there is enough food for 50 students to last for 30 days. After 6 days 25 more students are admitted to the hostel. Now, how many more days the food is going to last?

74. The correct sequence of missing letters in ba – a – aab:

75. An article is sold at Rs.4,375. If it is sold at a loss of 12.5%. What was the cost price?

76. John and Jacob started a business contributing Rs.60,000 and Rs.50,000 respectively. At the end of the year, the profit was Rs.35,000 in which Rs.13,000 was used to furnish the office. If they divide the remaining profit proportionately, Jacob will get ………… as his share.

77. A is the brother of B.C is the father of A. D is the brother of E. E is the daughter of B. Then uncle of D is :

78. The difference between the largest four digit number and the smallest three digit number is :

79. In a class of 50 students, 32 students passed in English and 38 students passed in Mathematics. If 20 students passed in both the subjects, the number of students who passed neither English nor Mathematics is :

80. A company produces 18% more machines than that of the previous year. If their production in the current year is 17700 machines, the production last year is :

81. At 8 o’ clock in the morning Mr. Ram was at a distance of 105 km from the railway station. To get his train he was to reach the station at least at 9.45 a.m. The minimum speed required for him to travel in order to get the train is:

82. If the number 357×4 is divisible by 6, then value of x is :


is equal to :

84. An amount becomes Rs.11,300 in 2 years and Rs.12,600 in 4 years. The rate, if calculated at simple interest is :

85. In trial average method, the average of 20 numbers is assumed to be 24. The sum of deviations of the numbers from 24 is found to be -15. What is the average?

86. A bank compounds interest half yearly. Raju deposits Rs.25,000 in the bank at a rate of 8%. The total interest at the end of one year is :
2,040 rupees

87. There are 50 students in a class. In a class test 22 students get 25 marks each, 18 students get 30 marks each. Each of the remaining gets 16 marks. The average mark of the whole class is :

88. A man has equal number of one rupee, five rupee and ten rupee notes with him. If he has Rs.480 with him, the number of one rupee note is :

89. How long does a train 110 metres long running at a speed of 36 km/hour take to cross a bridge of 132 metres in length?
24.2 seconds

90. A is taller than B; B is taller than C; D is taller than E and E is taller than B. Who is the shortest?

91. CDE: GHI::PQR:……

92. A shopkeeper wants to get 20% gain on an article after allowing a discount of 15%. If the article costs him Rs.153, what price should be mark on the article?
216 rupees

93. 0.000033÷0.11=

94. The product of two numbers is 864 and their H.C.F is 12. Their L.C.M. is :

95. An amount is divided among P,Q,R in the ratio 2:5:7. If P’s share is Rs.3,000 then the difference between the shares of Q and R is :



97. The three-fifth of a number is 40 more than the 40 percent of the same number. The number is :

98. 4,9,25,49,121,169, ……..

99. √338 =K√2. Then K= …..

100. In a class of 60 students, 55% are boys. The number of girls in the class is :

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